Here’s a guy who inspires my writings every week.

A well-known blogger who writes about a lot of stuff including photography and technology.

A guy working for Automatic, the makers of We share the same interests: Apple, blogging, tech. I follow him on too. But we don’t always share the same point of views.

This website is from a Canadian who happens to love Apple’s products. I had a chance to chat a bit with him. I love his website design. I don’t know what is his daytime job, but he should consider working as a graphic designer.

Another Canadian doing an exceptional job at writing, blogging and creating high-quality content about Apple, content creation workflows and digital tools.

Great blog about many subjects including Apple, tech, applications reviews, etc.

A prolific blogger who will gather a lot of links and quotes regarding specific topics, mostly about Apple, dev.

Great blog mostly about Apple ecosystem but with other content too.

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