I’m Testing Day One for My Travel Journal Experiment

Date:	June 9, 2023 at 5:25:24 PM EDT
Weather:	18°C Mostly Cloudy
Location:	Montréal, QC, Canada

I’ll be going to Morocco a week from now. I plan to use Day One to document my trip there. It will be the first time since I’m a Day One user. I don’t know how I could not think of this before. I’ve been a big fan of Day One forever. It’s such a rich journaling app for the Mac, the iPad and the iPhone. I can wait to use it on my iPhone to create rich journal entries as my vacation progresses.

Suddenly, while I’m working on my iPad Pro in a coffee shop, I’m starting to wonder if having only my iPad Pro will be enough for my trip to Morocco. I need to travel « light », but… 🤔

One week from now, it’s vacation time! I’m too busy at work, so this seems far away; I’m not in the vacation mood yet. This week-end, I really need to kick my butt and put myself in “get in the mood, get ready” mode! One way to achieve that, update my iPhone wallpaper. One step at a time.

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What a great Idea for @Manton and Micro.blog! I want this! Please! 🙏🏻

I’m still digesting everything we heard and saw today. Like someone wrote today: what was that? I already read good (and dumb) reactions here and there, from which I’m trying to stay away, just to focus and maybe get my analysis and perspective one of my own. That’s not easy; it’s so noisy out there right now. Stay tuned for later this week.

A women wearing the new Apple Vision Pro headset.

My blog theme was tweaked this morning to set a wider content area (from 40em to 60em). Since the content is resized according to the device screen, I don’t think it should create a problem.

A Few Last-Minute Questions for WWDC2023

It’s Apple keynote day, and it is exciting but also stressful! Here are last-minute questions.

  • Will the headset pricing be announced today?
  • Will the headset be like the Apple Watch and be running apps, or will it be more like CarPlay, with some additional viewport from the iPhone? Or a combination?
  • Is the headset unveiled with a “one more thing” segment?
  • When the iPad was announced, Steve Jobs spent some time explaining its relative position within the use cases spectrum of our computing devices. Where does the headset fit?
  • Will the headset announcement overshadow Apple’s timid foray into generative AI?
  • Is Xcode finally coming to the iPad?
  • Can we infer something about the rumors setting the price 1999$ when we compare that to the AirPods Max price?
  • Tim Cook’s air time has decreased in recent events, is the trend continuing today?
  • Can we expect another meme moment from Craig Federighi?
  • Who’s going to present the headset? Jeff Williams, just like for the Apple Watch Ultra?
  • Can any of the announcements today affect my Apple hardware upgrade plan?

For someone who’s not interested in the headset, I have far too many questions about it. I’ll return to this post once the event is complete to fill in the answers!

👉🏻 This is WWDC day! Here are some informative tidbits. Two weeks ago, I set up a fake meeting in my work calendar for the entire afternoon (EST time here). I’ll be out of the office for the whole afternoon. I’ve been doing that for more than ten years. It worked 9 out of 10 times. I should be good to go today.

I’ll watch the keynote from within Safari to take screenshots (with the TV app, screenshots don’t work 🤔). Then, using a configured button on my StreamDeck mini, I’ll take the screenshots that will be saved and moved to my Synology NAS automatically; thanks to Hazel. The excellent Mastodon client, Ivory, will be running too side-by-side so that I can see reactions coming in. Sadly, feed streaming is not yet a thing on Mastodon, apparently.

My expectations are relatively low for all the tech announcements but high for the keynote production value and quality.

In case people want to react and discuss Apple’s WWDC keynote tomorrow, there is still this Wavelength invite available. Currently, 43 users are in the group.

I miss ThinkSecret website.

I forgot so many things to talk about in my WWDC 2023 expectations YouTube video… 🤦🏻‍♂️ like the Watch Face store that I wish Apple would be doing someday. At least this is covered in my article published earlier. Not all is lost. 😅