Why doesn’t the “Switch To Profile” menu item always appear in Safari 17.0? I can’t understand what triggers this option to show up. Is this a bug?

Peak Design Case Issue With iPhone 15 Pro Action Button

For those looking to buy a Peak Design case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, just like I did. I love the case but… here’s the kicker; the action button is really hard to press with this case, the cutout should have a button instead which would press the action button, just like for the other buttons integrated into the case. They plan to fix this. Check out this video to learn more.

Update: The way the company is handling this issue is a prime example of how customer satisfaction should be handled. Bravo.

One of the most confusing parts of iOS and iPadOS UI: configuring the share sheet options. The ⊕ sign and the toggle meaning are utterly confusing each time I visit this portion of the UI. The fact that some non-favourite items can be toggled on or off is probably part of the explanation for my confusion. I’m confused about my confusion. I must be getting old. 👴🏻