• I want to discover a new blog, any suggestions for me?

  • I’m cautiously happy to see the American settle and go ahead with the military aid for Ukraine (and Taiwan). Time is seriously running out, and I’m afraid that the West falls in the “too little too late” trap. Now finish this and ship the good stuff out ASAP FTW!

  • I’m currently working on building a creator dashboard in Craft and it’s fun but Craft is rather limited compared to Notion. I’m working on an upcoming video about that! Stay tuned.

  • The House of Representatives are going to vote on separate bills for Ukraine and Israel aid this weekend. My fear is that aid for Israel gets a go but not Ukraine which would be devastating. This could be a turning point.

  • Went outside today for lunch and took my camera1 with me. What a good idea it was. I like this a lot because it is an opportunity to take a mental break from work. When I’m coming back to work, I’m more enthusiastic.

    1. Nikon Zf with a 44mm F2 lens. Great combo. ↩︎

  • Why on earth in 2024 a company like Checkpoint still ships 32-bit software like a MDR client for Windows Server 2019? I mean, come on!! It’s like shipping a parallel port on a MacBook Pro!

  • Why would you need Echofeed when using Micro.blog to syndicate to Mastodon et al.?

  • The Magic Is Gone - Initial Charge

    The magic of Apple’s retail stores is gone.

    Except when the new iPad Pro launches, which should be the case pretty soon.

  • On Micro.blog, Scribbles, And Multi-homing

    It’s easier for me to do this using Scribbles editor. I don’t know why. Might be a combination of how the compose screen is styled and laid out, plus the use of a WYSIWYG editor. But whatever it is, it all combines into an experience where the words flow a little easier for me. That’s probably the only way I can describe it. There’s nothing really empirical about it all, but maybe that’s the point. It’s involves the emotional side of writing: the “look and feel”.

    I prefer Scribbles editor to Micro.blog’s, too. There is something about Scribbles that makes the experience more enjoyable. But I’m still using Micro.blog for longer posts and Scribbles for short ones, except maybe the /Now posts. Well, it’s complicated. Anyhow, I think Micro.blog’s post editor needs some more love.

  • Funny that, reading a random post this morning, stumbled on that one. A year later and I found a use case for Bear.

  • My two main problems with omg.lol: the branding is no-go and no free tier to try it out. I’m still pondering my options. For now, Scribbles FTW!

  • A long time ago, around iOS 7, I played with my iPad to do some mockups, like this one: a redesigned Settings.app.

  • For the first time since its release1, I’m using iCloud Shared Photo Library with my wife for the home improvement project. It’s really well done and fits perfectly my needs.

    1. Released with iOS 16 in 2022. ↩︎

  • In Search of a New and Optimized Photo Processing Workflow

    Now that I’m no longer in Adobe’s ecosystem for my photo processing needs, I depend on Photomator and Synology Photos. I need to create an optimized workflow: upload photos to Synology1, browse and tag the pictures I want to process using Synology Photos tags, then edit them in … read more

  • 🚨 After a three-week pause, here comes the latest weekly creative summary, a day earlier. I hope you enjoy this edition. Coming later by email to my dear subscribers. ✌🏻

  • Can you imagine having spent $12,000 up-front for Tesla’s “full self driving” only to see it descoped to “supervised driving” and then price slashed to $99/mo? Congrats on being given the privilege of training Elon’s model for a huge fee!

    Can you spell “class action lawsuit”?

  • We’re closing in on the weekend. Sadly, I have a lot to do, and it isn’t really creative work, but so many boring errands and stuff. I don’t see when this trend will reverse itself. We are preparing an home improvement project and I can see a lot that needs to be done if we want to meet our deadlines. Oh well. At least, there is a drink coming up soon.

  • Ten years (oops, fourteen) years of iPad. This article, first published more than four years ago, takes another dimension on the eve of new iPad releases.

  • After my iPad Pro, my “old” 2020 Mac mini is next1.

    1. To be upgraded so that i can use two screens at once. ↩︎

  • Jony Ive searching for funding to help develop a dedicated AI device. I hope he will succeed with his iPad.🤣