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On Single-Purpose Device Attractiveness

This week during a work meeting with my office colleagues, one of them was using a "remarkable" tablet to take notes. I was sitting right next to him and could see the tablet in action. I must say I was impressed. It's certain that a "remarkable" tablet offers very limited functionality compared to an iPad, but it raises the following question: Should Apple consider going back to creating single-purpose devices? For example, the iPhone killed the iPod, but I think if Apple re-entered the market with a new line of iPods, it would be very popular. And I think the same would be true for a note-taking tablet.

2024-03-02 ∞

I made a big cleanup in my Shortcuts this morning. Boy, do I feel this app needs so much more work to be enjoyable to use. Can Apple fix this mess? Editing a long shortcut is not optimal. There should be a compressed or text-only mode with inline hyperlinks for variables and actions. Syncing is brokenβ€”no debugging option. There should be a way to turn off a shortcut so it doesn't appear in places like share sheets. I wish Apple spent more time on Shortcuts than they do on Swift Playground. Oh, is Apple going to enable creating Shortcuts using GenAI? That would be really cool. πŸ‘€πŸ€”

2024-03-02 ∞

Week number eight is complete. You can read my weekly creative summary right HERE! Coming up later for newsletter subscribers. Thanks for reading about my work. πŸ™πŸ»

2024-03-03 ∞

For lovers and enthusiasts, I made a video summarizing February improvements and additions. Enjoy. {{< youtube "PsrrvDhFY98" >}}

2024-03-03 ∞

One Big Regret of My Digital Life

One of the things I regret the most is not having had the idea of creating a blog in the 90s (and keeping it until today). Surprisingly, I learned about HTML, web servers like Apache and Netscape when it became popular1. I didn't click with the idea of owning a small portion of the Internet to share what I was becoming at that time. What a missed opportunity.

  1. It's not exactly true. I used to have and maintain a website about a subject that I still find fascinating: meteorology, circa 1994.  ↩

2024-03-03 ∞

πŸ”— Source: Apple to Announce New Products This Week - MacRumors

Apple plans to announce new products with press releases on its website this week, a proven source familiar with the matter told MacRumors.

After over a year without any new iPad, is Apple going through the press release route? It can’t be about cost-cutting. Or is it? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for potential upgraders like me.

2024-03-03 ∞

AI Training: Ethics or Coverage?

Some authors on the internet are against using their content without permission to train the models behind generative AI. As a blogger, this question often comes to my mind. On one hand, I believe that training without permission poses an ethical issue. I am unsure if we have genuinely addressed this question as a society. On the other hand, I question the danger of many authors wanting to silence their voices by blocking the training process to access their online content. Now more than ever, I feel that all voices are essential in ensuring that model training reflects our diversity as much as possible. I don’t want bots and haters to win the race. We, as authors, need to offer resistance. I’m not sure how this challenge will be solved, if ever.

2024-03-04 ∞

Photo-editing on the iPad using Photomator is such a joy. I can’t wait to go with the upcoming iPad Pro. The iPad is the perfect devide for photo-editing with the Apple Pencil. With the switch to the OLED technology, it will be even better.

2024-03-04 ∞

When my sons got old enough, I offered them their first email address on Gmail. That made them happy. They didn't have an iPhone to use it but they could sit down in front of a computer and start writing emails. I wonder if I came up with an empty but ready-to-use blog if they would react the same? Probably not.

2024-03-09 ∞

I prefer Bear 2 over Craft for managing my reading notes created when using Omnivore and Readwise. This is what the following video is about: migrating from Craft to Bear and why I made that decision. Enjoy.

{{< youtube "wZCgVYwqz8E" >}}

2024-03-09 ∞

I'm done with this week's creative summary, edition 2024-09. I hope you enjoy as much as I do putting them together, each week. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

2024-03-10 ∞

Just finish experimenting with Obsidian1. I'm always fascinated by Obsidian but also unpleased by its user interface's uninspired and unfinished feel. Passing for now.

  1. I do this occasionally, as if I was trying to convince myself that it is something should use. ↩

2024-03-10 ∞

I wish Apple made special editions of their current and past products. A special edition of the iPod would be a killer and I would buy one. Something running a stripped down iOS version, with a fix set of apps (music, podcast, video) a in unique device that takes cue from the past but also try different new things. It could be a way for Apple to experiment in public and get feedback. Apple could try MacBook with different casing materials, colors and finish. Those special edition products would be available for a while.

I wish Apple would try to reinvent itself more often.

2024-03-10 ∞

Been testing FeedLand this morning. I'm still trying to figure out what it is really about. As a subscriber to Inoreader, I wonder if I really need FeedLand in my digital life. Anyone using FeedLand here? πŸ‘€

2024-03-12 ∞

Why is Dave Winer still caring about Twitter and Facebook? Mr. Winer is such a proponent of the open web... and interoperability... Twitter and Facebook are the antithesis of those principles.

2024-03-12 ∞

What is the best way to fix the FOMO syndrome when it comes to RSS feeds? Simply hit "mark all as read". You are welcome.

2024-03-12 ∞

The future doesn't belong to optimists or pessimists. It does what it wants. Here's what's plausible to me: Apple has a lot of brains, brand loading and market power... So AVP will find its place. To me, this didn't change everything. The iPhone had that effect. On top of that, the device doesn't have the usual Apple fetish character. It doesn't say "You want this, don't you?" It doesn't make you look good and part of a cool tribe. From outside makes you look confused, foolish and sad.

Oliver Reichenstein writing about his experience with the Apple Vision Pro. Emphasis is mine.

2024-03-13 ∞

I find this fascinating that yesterday, I was in such bad mood about a lot of things (work life, personal life) and now, today, after a good night, I'm feeling much more upbeat! I can't tell why because I don't know. Human mind is a complete mystery. 😌

2024-03-13 ∞

Like a few others, I'm proud to join the One a Month Club put together by @jarrod [^1]! You can show your support here on Ko-fi! I might post exclusive content on Ko-fi like a photo or a small personal text on a monthly basis. I'll see where it goes!

[^1] I'm not sure how to get my page registered on Jarrod's page, though. πŸ€”

2024-03-14 ∞

Is a corporate "blog", still a blog? Take for example: Information Architects news site. Some posts like this one are really about musing on specific subjects, not directly related to the company's products. I understand the marketing value proposition is maintaining a blog for a company, and yet...

Asking for a friend. πŸ«£πŸ•΅πŸ»

2024-03-15 ∞

Gearing up for our next trip to the United States of America[^1] on October, 2024: going to New York for a long weekend. Right before the elections. And you know what? It will take a long time before I back in the US if this dangerous clown ever gets elected[^2].

[^1] I prefer the long version. [^2] That will happen my friends. Mark my words.

2024-03-15 ∞

Must Have Public Mental Health Disclaimer

I've been reflecting on blogrolls deeply in recent days and started writing an article on that subject. While doing so, an idea came up and I decided to write something that I think anyone who builds and shares a blogroll should add on it as an introduction. I'm reproducing it here.

This is my blogroll. This is a list of blogs that I visit often for different reasons. If you are a blogger and you don't see your blog in this list, don't be sad or offended. But I want to say that I'm sorry if you feel that way. Now, why not get in touch with me and share about your blog. I love to discover new things.

2024-03-15 ∞

If I were in my thirties, I would run my own instance of Pixelfed. If I were in my twenties, I would build a Pixelfed alternative.

2024-03-16 ∞

It's Sunday, It's time for the weekly creative summary, edition 2024-10! Enjoy! Please, consider supporting my creative work and visit my Ko-fi page! πŸ™πŸ» Thanks. The email version is coming out later today for my subscribers! Hold on!

2024-03-17 ∞

Apple seems to be on a streak of really questionable decisions regarding the App Store and the developer's community in general that will take years for them before they can say: oh gosh, we fucked up. But it might be too late when they do because developers will be doing their things elsewhere. I'm looking for the day Apple more openly admits it is doing wrong.

2024-03-18 ∞

On Presenting

Just completed a one hour customer presentation this morning. It was the culmination of a six-week project that shoud lead to bigger opportunities. I love doing presentations and I’m really comfortable doing so in front of people, especially when it is directly related to my field of expertise.

Each time I prepare such presentations, I always think about Steve Jobs keynotes. Always. He was a model for me. And still is. There is a little bit of his way into my presentation delivery: setting the stage, telling a story, and a « one more thing » whenever possible.

2024-03-19 ∞

Added a new entry to my blogroll: Enthusiasms. A great blog about many things: sciences, weather, sometimes about Apple, gardening, etc. This guy do have many passions and is enthusiastic about many things. Warning: some rabbit holes in there1.

  1. His weather observations page is something I must try to replicate for myself! ↩

2024-03-20 ∞

Not Everything Should Be "Timeless"

Today, I came across a blog via someone's else blogroll, and to my surprise, while browsing the blog's content, I couldn't find a single post with a publication date. So, let me be clear: I'm not feeling at ease when visiting a blog that don't display publication date for each post. I can of understand the idea of "timeless" content, but I feel at lost with the author's decision. I need time references in my digital life so I can better understand the content and the context. Call me old school if you want. I'm ok with this.

2024-03-20 ∞

On Stage Manager - Again

So, I don't miss Stage Manager on macOS and my M2 15-inch MacBook Air, apparently. I realized today that I disabled Stage Manager a while ago and forgot to reenable it. Speaking of Stage Manager, it is permanently turned off on my 2018 iPad Pro because it isn't usable, but this is something that I'm looking forward to reenabling on the new iPad Pro and plugging my iPad into my LG UltraFine 4K display, and see, maybe, a new iPad experience since a long time1. I can't wait to try that.

  1. That was a long one, I know. Some thoughts are better shared in one long stretch! ↩

2024-03-20 ∞

On Writing Inline Links

Each time I write a sentence with an inline link to something else, I'm hesitating. Here are two examples.

V1: When I read this article I simply couldn't believe it.

V2: When I read Gurman: No iPad Announcement Planned for March 26, I simply couldn't believe it.

Which version makes better sense? Which version will trigger a click to visit the link? Linking from within sentences (inline) gives great explanations on how to do the latter1. Right now, I'm 99% of the time using the version 1 but I consider changing my writing style to go with version 2 as often as possible.

  1. It's a great use of inline link right there! And I think it works great. ↩

2024-03-21 ∞

I decided to use my Ko-fi page to share more personal tidbits about me and my creative journey. These are behind the One-a-month subscription. I feel at ease sharing these things because they are behind a tiny shield: the paywall. If you want to know more about me and get virtually closer, now it's possible. Please, come in and enjoy the ride.

2024-03-21 ∞

I find it insulting and inhumane to ask Ukraine to stop hitting the oil refineries in Russia for fear of causing a rise in gas prices. The Americans didn't hesitate to go take down Saddam Hussein and trigger the Gulf War, nothing less. What a bunch of hypocrites. I'm fuming.

2024-03-22 ∞

DOS vs Apple - Am I Getting Too Old?

I'm unsure if I'm getting too old, but topics like DOJ vs Apple and everything preceding it are too complex for me to dive into. It may be a vital part of Apple's current history, but I struggle to grasp it. I appreciate the efforts of non-professional tech pundits and Apple enthusiasts who delve deep into this and share their perspectives tirelessly. I'm not reading all the comments and takes on this, again because there as way too many. I do understand too that the course of the iPhone experience might see an inflection point in the coming years, if what is currently happening in the EU is any indication. I think it's sad because the bases for this aren't forming a consensus; something probably unachievable.

This all explain my indecision about who's right, who's wrong. I don't trust governments' capabilities in understanding our tech world, that's for sure, which means I'm not optimistic about the future of this particular case. Apple is big. So is Google. Facebook. And the like. They are the fruit of the "American way". I guess that at some point, we prefer mediocrity in the name of "open markets" and to give an "equal" chance to all who wold like to compete.

2024-03-22 ∞

"One way or another, real competition may be coming to the iPhone" - The Platformer about the DOJ vs Apple lawsuit.

Oh, come on.

2024-03-22 ∞

Raycast is becoming a powerhouse; it's almost unbelievable. I just finished testing the latest release, which includes a Chrome companion extension. This extension allows invoking Raycast to perform tasks within the context of the currently open website in the browser. It's super handy for summarizing an article or a YouTube video. I'm considering upgrading my Raycast subscription to support more advanced ChatGPT integration and models. πŸ€‘

2024-03-23 ∞

Now that my Pixelfed presence is well established with more than 650 photos posted, I officially closed my Smugmug account. My photo-sharing journey can now be summarized like this: Flickr ➑️ 500px ➑️ Smugmug ➑️ Glass + Pixelfed. And, of course, I still do use Unsplash. My profile pages are documented on my digital hub.

2024-03-24 ∞

Here's an idea: get a generative AI bot to browse all my photo posts on my Pixelfed profile page and generate a lengthy description of my photography style.

2024-03-24 ∞

Today, 2024-03-24, it's Sunday, and it's time for the latest edition of my weekly creative summary, edition 2024-11, available right here. Available later today by email to my dear subscribers! Enjoy.

2024-03-24 ∞

I've been setting up a group of to-do lists in Apple Reminders for managing our home improvement project. Each list is shared with my wife which means that each task can be assigned to one of us. I really like my experience so far.

2024-03-24 ∞

Since March 13, 20201, I mostly work from home, coming to the office only once a week2. One negative side effect of this important change of habit is that I don't go out often, so photo opportunities are close to none. I don't know how to compensate for this. πŸ˜”

  1. Remember COVID-19? ↩

  2. I do skip one in a while. ↩

2024-03-25 ∞

@Denny wrote:

I don't view myself as a "content creator" and recoil at that phrase. I keep a blog as a way to stay involved in the world. Simply put, my motivation is to write, share, read, engage, learn. My contribution is a drop in the ocean and irrelevant to me beyond it being my tiny contribution to the collective whole.

This thought really resonated with me. So much that I'm considering to replace "compulsive creator" to "compulsive contributor" in my bio. It is so much more meaningful and positive.

2024-03-27 ∞

I just finished a quick Facebook session to see what's new for my Mac Pro that I put for sale on the marketplace. I switched to my late father's Facebook account to see if something needed attention. Nothing. Depressing. What the fuck is Facebook now?

2024-03-28 ∞

Logging My Intentional Actions

I log quite a lot of things I do online using Things 3 Logbook feature to use this in my weekly creative summaries. I log what I do intentionally, of course, otherwise this would be way too noisy. One example is watching this video about Siegfried Hansen, a respected street photographer1. Reading an article in Omnivore is another intentional action that I want to log.

The process is simple: I have many pending tasks in Things 3, in a project called "To Read, Watch, Listen & Process." I do select a task, do it, then mark it as completed. It then goes into Things 3 Logbook. It's cool.23

  1. If you are interested in street photographer, it's a great interview with lots of great photos.  ↩

  2. I wonder if there is a name for people who log the things they do on a daily basis. ↩

  3. I'm not sure why I do log these actions.  ↩

2024-03-30 ∞