Hi, this is Numeric Citizen.

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This is episode number five, Sometime It’s Better to Say No.

This year, it’s the year of focusing on the right activity, on the right creative project.

When Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro in June, I was thinking about creating a new website which would collect all the information related to the headset.

I thought it was a great timing for starting this collection and organizing the information and tidbits that I would gather from the web, from YouTube, from articles, reviews, and things like that.

The reason I wanted to do that is to be able to build a collection that, over time, people would come over and get all the information they can have on the Apple Vision Pro.

I did a similar project, which I’m currently still updating, which is called the Apple Rumors Hub.

It takes not too much time to build, but I do have some activities that I need to constantly do in order to keep the information current on this website.

This is a website that is built using craft, and I would do the same thing for the Apple Vision Pro Hub, but I’ve been thinking about if this is worth my time, my effort, and if I would better be off to spend my time on more projects that are gaining more traction instead of working on that, because the Apple Rumors Hub is not getting a lot of visitors.

It’s very, very quiet, and I’m wondering if this would be the same with this Apple Vision Pro Hub website.

I decided recently, after much thinking, that it wasn’t worth the trouble to do this project, so the Apple Rumors Hub is going to stay, but the Apple Vision Pro website won’t come to life.

I’m pretty satisfied with this decision because I really want to manage how I’m spending time on my different projects.

This is a decision that has been long in the making, but now I’m here, and I wanted to share with you, if you are a creator, if you are a writer, or any type of creators, sometimes it’s better just to say no so you can focus on the right things for the right time.

Thanks for listening to this very short episode of this podcast.

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts, and I hope to see you for the next episode.

Thank you for listening, and see you guys for another one.