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  • Pondering

    In a week, I’ll be preparing to fly to Croatia for a three-week vacation with my wife. I’m still considering several aspects of the trip. How much blogging should I do during this time? Should I stay quiet and focus entirely on my vacation and photography? What camera equipment should I … read more

  • This is an Audiocast β€” A Narrated Blog Post

    This is my second narrated blog post on It seems to me that writing for sharing as a text-only post triggers different strings for me than writing for a narrated text post. It feels strange because this isn’t a podcast episode. There is no introduction, no conclusion. No background music … read more

  • First Narrated Blog Post Experiment

    Hi everyone. I might be late to the party, but I finally sat down for a few minutes to test’s new feature: narrated blog posts. It is strange because this is my first use and I cannot write a full review because as I’m writing this, my audio recording is still not done, and I … read more