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  • I’m currently working on building a creator dashboard in Craft and it’s fun but Craft is rather limited compared to Notion. I’m working on an upcoming video about that! Stay tuned.

  • Went outside today for lunch and took my camera1 with me. What a good idea it was. I like this a lot because it is an opportunity to take a mental break from work. When I’m coming back to work, I’m more enthusiastic.

    1. Nikon Zf with a 44mm F2 lens. Great combo. ↩︎

  • A long time ago, around iOS 7, I played with my iPad to do some mockups, like this one: a redesigned

  • For the first time since its release1, I’m using iCloud Shared Photo Library with my wife for the home improvement project. It’s really well done and fits perfectly my needs.

    1. Released with iOS 16 in 2022. ↩︎

  • In Search of a New and Optimized Photo Processing Workflow

    Now that I’m no longer in Adobe’s ecosystem for my photo processing needs, I depend on Photomator and Synology Photos. I need to create an optimized workflow: upload photos to Synology1, browse and tag the pictures I want to process using Synology Photos tags, then edit them in … read more

  • Jony Ive searching for funding to help develop a dedicated AI device. I hope he will succeed with his iPad.🀣

  • Sold my little Mac Pro trash can for $600 CAN1. Not bad for a 1TB SDD, 128GB of RAM and the 12-core Xeon 2.7 GHz configuration. And the Thunderbolt 2 cable and TB 3 to TB2 adaptor. Not the keyboard or mouse, as they are still useful for me. Sometimes. πŸ™‚

    1. I barely knew it. It’s sad because I loved this little machine. ↩︎

  • For your information: Nikon Zf RAW files aren’t yet supported with macOS and Photomator1. You need to first convert them to DNG using Adobe DNG converter. With this conversion, you will lose some information along the way, like lens correction. Strangely enough, Synology Photos does display these RAW images correctly, unless it is showing the embedded JPEG part? πŸ€”

    1. No preview available in Finder and Apple Preview can’t open the RAW file. ↩︎

  • Logging My Intentional Actions

    I log quite a lot of things I do online using Things 3 Logbook feature to use this in my weekly creative summaries. I log what I do intentionally, of course, otherwise this would be way too noisy. One example is watching this video about Siegfried Hansen, a respected street photographer1. Reading an … read more

  • Since March 13, 20201, I mostly work from home, coming to the office only once a week2. One negative side effect of this important change of habit is that I don’t go out often, so photo opportunities are close to none. I don’t know how to compensate for this. πŸ˜”

    1. Remember COVID-19? ↩︎

    2. I do skip one in a while. ↩︎

  • Reading product reviews through Kagi’s summarize page feature is rather cool and a great time saver.

  • Here’s an idea: get a generative AI bot to browse all my photo posts on my Pixelfed profile page and generate a lengthy description of my photography style.

  • Now that my Pixelfed presence is well established with more than 650 photos posted, I officially closed my Smugmug account. My photo-sharing journey can now be summarized like this: Flickr ➑️ 500px ➑️ Smugmug ➑️ Glass + Pixelfed. And, of course, I still do use Unsplash. My profile pages are documented on my digital hub.

  • Colourful or black and white? Your call. I just don’t know if I should all in black and white with this one.

  • On Craft for iPhone

    Craft on iPhone is so much different than on the iPad. It feels like a totally different app. If I were an iPhone-only user I wouldn’t buy a Craft subscription because the iPhone version is so bad. Thankfully the iPad version is much more workable and the Mac version is probably the best … read more

  • Never Tamper Someone's Desire for Creative Tools

    My wife gave me a surprisingly mildly negative reaction this morning when I shared with her my intention of getting a Nikon Zf mirrorless camera before going to Croatia this summer. Not because it’s not the best camera for this situation, no, because I already own an iPhone 15 Pro Max and a … read more

  • When I don’t know what to write, I edit and share photos. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ‘€

  • Still not clear if it will only rain or if we will get heavy and abundant snow. Weather forecast is predicting only rain. I’m ok with this. This winter has been so warm so far, that’s incredible. We will probably be in a drought this summer because of the lack of snow this winter. And you know what it means? Forest fires.

  • Photo-editing on the iPad using Photomator is such a joy. I can’t wait to go with the upcoming iPad Pro. The iPad is the perfect devide for photo-editing with the Apple Pencil. With the switch to the OLED technology, it will be even better.

  • Before. After. πŸ“·