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  • When people are nervous and under pressure, their worst tendencies often surface easily. 😌

  • Microsoft supports the Apple Vision Pro headset with Office 365 Suite, Teams and Copilot. At least five apps, on day one, for a use case (productivity) still to be demonstrated as viable. For the most probable day-one use case of the Apple Vision Pro, Netflix refuses to create a single app, a “simple” video library browser and player. WTF? Politics. πŸ˜‘

  • Today, I was watching many YouTube videos and was thinking about how impressive it is that some people1 build their online careers as YouTubers for talking about one application or ecosystem2.

    1. Like Thomas Frank↩︎

    2. Notion is a great app offering many possibilities to talk about for a long time. ↩︎

  • Thought of the Sunday morning: The biggest problem in my life is that I have too much to explore and do and not enough time. Unsolvable. πŸ˜…

  • Avoiding Vendors Lock-in

    The notion of “avoiding vendors lock-in” in information technology is interesting. I would argue that it’s impossible to completely be without some sort of vendor lock-in1. At some point, there is always a required commitment level. You commit to open-source software. You commit to … read more

  • My ChatGPT usage at work made me think about using GenAI in general. I came to the conclusion that you must be experienced in the field you are asking questions to be able to distinguish good answers from bullshit. My thought.

  • This morning, at work, I had the idea of creating a GPT that would act as a virtual resume for me. Colleagues would prompt this GPT about my professional journey with usual questions about my past experience, projects, certifications, abilities, etc. I uploaded a few files, including my resume and some other professional stuff, to try it out. It took me 15 minutes to create this virtual representation of myself. Tested many prompts against it. I’m blown away. The future is here, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Is GenAI a Product or a Feature?

    Just like Steve Jobs once said that Dropbox is not a product but a feature, I wonder if the way we consume GenAI today makes it look like a product, but it’s actually a feature. Don’t get me wrong, GenAI is utterly important and a game changer, but I feel that in the future, there will … read more

  • Thought of the day: 500 years from now, when someone discovers a piece of plastic with a QRCode on it, intact and readable, I wonder what they will think of it and if they’ll try to “decode” the thing.

  • Just two hours in the work day and I have already used ChatGPT three times to better understand two different concepts in IT1. Last year, these prompts would have required many Google searches and much more reading. I’m curious to see how ChatGPT and Gen AI are influencing Google’s market share.

    1. CCaaS, TLC, QLC. ↩︎

  • My First Genuine Ah Ah Moment With Generative AI

    Here is a quick recount of my β€œAh ah moment” this morning, involving generative AI in a simple workflow. I’m still in awe about it. If I stumble on a long and chatty YouTube video that might be interesting, I’ll use this workflow to quickly get the gist out of it. First, I use Downie (a Mac … read more

  • I’m generally unfazed by black Friday sales… I buy things when I need them, not because of any deals. But, this morning, I bought a Kodak slides scanner because I have hundreds of old family slides sitting in boxes. I feel sad not to spend the time to put a new life in those memories. So there you go, a new slide scanner. I’ll probably write an extensive review of it.

  • Which story is worse or more shattering? Steve Jobs fired in 1985, or OpenAI fired one of its founders? I think the latter creates more uncertainty. The former is easier to dismiss because we know what happened to Apple after Jobs left the company. πŸ€” 1

    1. What a shitty series of events. And we aren’t done with it yet. ↩︎

  • The more testing and experimenting I do with ChatGPT, the more I feel we are at an inflection point like Netscape or the iPhone was. We live in exciting and challenging times.

  • This:

    Foreseeably, the next step in AI integration will happen on an OS level.

    In the mean time, your app will always run an inferior version compared to whatever Microsoft's sells. If having ChatGPT is your sales point, you have no sales point. You only have a very volatile, very expensive ticking time bomb dependency.

    On top of that, you corner yourself into dishonesty if you sell ChatGPT as your own AI. It's bullshit and you know it.

    The proliferation of ChatGPT entry points. The race to some sort of singularity?
  • Musing of the day: Which is worse from an environmental point of view, burning the planet with NFTs / blockchains s*** or with AI with LLM models training and queries to ChatGPT?1 πŸ€”

    1. It’s a serious question. ↩︎

  • For those who are curious, I just updated “my Micro-Workflows Explained” page to list all my ChatGPT and AI use cases. I’m not shy to expose when I’m using AI in my creative work1. The list of use cases is growing and reflects the relative invasion of AI in our digital landscape.

    1. Who’s shy of telling people about using Spell Checkers or Lightroom filters? πŸ€” ↩︎

  • In Search of Augmented Capabilities Using AI

    I want to augment my creative capabilities1. I’m considering the best way to pay for Augmented Intelligence (AI) services2. I’m currently subscribing to MidJourney for imagery. ChatGPT with GPT-4 is not cheap at 20 $US a month, but I get Dall.E 3. Raycast enables GPT-4 for 8 $US on top … read more

  • Today is a reminder that the internet is probably the worst place to have a debate. You would think that Mastodon or Bluesky or Thread are better than X, Y and Z? Nope. Same. Arguing the contrary is shortsighted. Even arguing in a text message conversation is not a good idea.

  • Thought of the day: read-later services or applications are a consequence of facing or having too much content available and a lack of time for consuming that content in a timely matter. ☝🏻