Who’s reading my weekly creative summary? Do you like? If not, why? I’m genuinely curious. 🧐

    No Friday Notes post this week. I have a few ideas but didn’t have time to expand on them and write the article. Hint: it’s about photo sharing in the age of content abundance. Oh well. 😔

    Finally finished and published this article this morning 😅. It’s been long in the making. Looking at my writing projects pipeline, it has always been pretty short. 😱

    Why my (numericcitizen.me) website is getting a lot more traffic in the last two days from … Facebook is a mystery for me 🤔

    Today’s thought: by accepting the idea that blogging is writing for myself, I would probably write more often.

    I’m fascinated by the lack of visual updates to Gruber’s Daring Fireball website. I mean, he has been using the same design like forever! And then I look at Micro.blog users here constantly trying themes or even building their own and tweaking it often. I’m not particularly fond of his design choices but hey, who am I to judge! Content wins over form?

    From Weekly to Monthly Digest

    Following the announcement of the tweaked Micro.blog newsletter functionality, I’m switching to a monthly digest instead with a specific category as the sole source for its content. Three reasons for this change: first, the digest will become a more intentional set of creative gestures instead of being the result of a weekly and automatic content spit out without any distinction. Second, monthly means less noisy than weekly. Third, less is more. Let’s try that. 🙂

    From Authenticity To Attention and Eventually to Connection

    I recently heard the notion of blogging for ourselves as opposed to writing for other people to read. I like this idea a lot, and after giving it some thought, I think I know why. If I’m being honest with myself in life and decide to share something like a thought about something, my guess is that writing for ourselves helps a lot in being authentic. I think it’s one of the best ways to attract attention and, eventually, maybe, make a connection.

    I wish I had something interesting to share so I could be part of Micro Camp someday. Maybe next year? This is something I wanted to do last year, and yet… I won’t be able to listen live either… I cannot take off from work on Friday, so it leaves only Saturday, but I’ll be on the move that day too. Oh well.

    For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to think I’m finally catching up to 90% of the things I wanted to write and share. It’s a good sentiment to have a month before a two-week summer vacation. I know it’s a bit of a cryptic post.

    I wanted to publish my long post about Inoreader this weekend so much, but it’s not ready yet. Tomorrow it’s probably the day. Being patient and knowing when something is not ready is a virtue of the writer.

    If you’re on Inoreader, this is a link to my profile page. I’m not sure there are many subscribers here, but in any case, you can follow me there if you want!

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