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  • It Sunday time and so my weekly creative summary is out! This is the Craft hosted version. The email version is coming out later today. Enjoy. By the way, the Craft version, this week, contains a sub-page that won’t make it in the newsletter edition, thanks to Craft.

  • Pondering

    In a week, I’ll be preparing to fly to Croatia for a three-week vacation with my wife. I’m still considering several aspects of the trip. How much blogging should I do during this time? Should I stay quiet and focus entirely on my vacation and photography? What camera equipment should I … read more

  • It’s Sunday, and it’s time for the new edition of My Creative Summary newsletter! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love putting it together!

  • In case you didn’t know me, I’m on this week’s People & Blog edition. It was fun to answer Manuel Moreale’s questions.

  • This is an Audiocast β€” A Narrated Blog Post

    This is my second narrated blog post on It seems to me that writing for sharing as a text-only post triggers different strings for me than writing for a narrated text post. It feels strange because this isn’t a podcast episode. There is no introduction, no conclusion. No background music … read more

  • The new narrated posts feature of has an unexpected twist. Since my blog also hosts a podcast, any narrated blog posts will end up on Apple’s Podcast directory. I’m unsure if this is what I want, but I appreciate the possibility for those who prefer to consume my content as an audio file.

  • When I launched my weekly creative summary newsletter, I wanted its structure and format to remain consistent for a long time. However, after 17 editions, I’ve decided to refine the newsletter’s structure. I’m never fully satisfied with my tools, workflows, and past decisions about how to do things.

  • I really have to finish my weekly newsletter edition… but I just came back from a 60KM bike ride! πŸ˜… Now, back at it! Coming out soon.

  • First Narrated Blog Post Experiment

    Hi everyone. I might be late to the party, but I finally sat down for a few minutes to test’s new feature: narrated blog posts. It is strange because this is my first use and I cannot write a full review because as I’m writing this, my audio recording is still not done, and I … read more

  • I still have my Medium account and content. I’m not sure what to do with it. I still get trafic to my posts. I updated my profile page this morning to remove a reference to my page that I’m phasing out later this year.

  • ⚠️ It’s time for the 2024-20 edition of my weekly creative summary! Not my best week, but good enough to share! πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ˜… Index to past editions can be reached here. Newsletter going out by email later today. πŸ“¬

  • Just downloaded three YouTube videos on my Mac, ran MacWhisper1 to generate the transcripts, then uploaded the resulting files into ChatGPT for a summarization and to get a few answers to my numerous questions. I saved about an hour of work. What a wonderful time to be alive!2

    1. A great Mac utility to do video transcription using GenAI. ↩︎

    2. From a tech standpoint. ↩︎

  • 🚨Hey, it’s Sunday! And you know what happens on each Sunday? It’s time for the new edition of the weekly creative summary newsletter! Here you go, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy. Made with care and love. 😌

  • It’s day and I’m looking forward to it! This will be my first! @manton @vincent @jean

  • Having to authenticate with Wordpress just to like a blog post is so β€œtired”.

  • Posted a photo on my Ko-fi page this morning. It’s for supporters only. I shared some thoughts about street photography. I decided to use that page to share more personal stories that I don’t share elsewhere. It’s only the beginning. It will take time to open up more. It’s a journey.

  • I find it hard to save time for blogging while traveling. There is always so much to do that I kind of forget about writing. This post is an exception, though. πŸ˜‚ we’re visiting Nice today. Been there once but it’s always fun to revisit great cities.

  • For some reason, tonight, I miss Medium. I used to love writing for it and reading from it. I still have close to 800 followers, albeit the number really never change, which I find strange.

  • πŸ”₯ It’s still Sunday where I live, and it’s time to share the newest edition of the weekly creative summary! Coming up soon to a mailbox near you1. πŸ˜…

    1. You aren’t subscribing?? What are you waiting for! ↩︎

  • Ghost and ActivityPub Support - We All Win

    I’m a bit late to the game but I just read the announcement by Ghost about their ActivityPub support that is coming to their platform. I find this development super exciting; one of my site is on Ghost. Having people subscribe to my content via their favorite Mastodon client is super cool. But … read more