Getting vaccinated today for flu and Covid. Hopefully not too many symptoms in the nextt 24 hours. 😑

    So, how is** iOS 17.2 beta3** going? Stable? I’m asking for a friend.🤭

    I spent some time on Bluesky this morning… found out that I have 6 invite codes. Is anyone looking for one of them? Let me know.

    Why am I getting this on YouTube to watch one of my own videos? I’m using Safari and tried disabling ad blocker, NextDNS, StopTheMadness. Works fine on Firefox. 🤔 Help!

    Wish of the day: I would love to have a canonical URL pointing to my published newsletters hosted on so I could refer to them in other blog posts. cc @manton 🙏🏻

    A better title for episode 4 could have been “The Day I Met John Gruber”. Oh well. I’ll ask ChatGPT the next time.

    Who’s reading my weekly creative summary? Do you like? If not, why? I’m genuinely curious. 🧐

    At the food court. The guy beside me is listening to some cheap TV show on his cheap-no-name Android speakerphone. Can you imagine if we all did the same? Even if he were using a top-of-the-line iPhone, I would judge him. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙉 Humans…

    These transcript links give 404. Is this normal? Editing works fine, though. cc @help @manton

    Mmmm, 🤔 for some reason, my Microblog RSS feeds are not updated to reflect my latest posts… Trying to rebuild the whole site. Any ideas @manton @help ?

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