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  • Pondering

    In a week, I’ll be preparing to fly to Croatia for a three-week vacation with my wife. I’m still considering several aspects of the trip. How much blogging should I do during this time? Should I stay quiet and focus entirely on my vacation and photography? What camera equipment should I … read more

  • I rarely do and share selfies! But here’s one. Walking on the β€œPromenade des anglais” in Nice, France.

  • Feeling Undecided β€” Thinking Out Loud

    Believe it or not, I’m still undecided about what to use for my summer travel journal. My options are 1) A new dedicated blog with, 2) Scribbles, 3) Pixelfed, 4) None of the above. I’m also undecided about how much effort I want to put into this.’s image … read more

  • Gearing up for our next trip to the United States of America[^1] on October, 2024: going to New York for a long weekend. Right before the elections. And you know what? It will take a long time before I back in the US if this dangerous clown ever gets elected[^2].

    [^1] I prefer the long version. [^2] That will happen my friends. Mark my words.

  • What would be the best or the most suitable visual theme for a travel journal type of blog? Outpost? I find it drab. Maybe Typewriter? Currently testing the latter on

  • I’m happy to announce my next trip: Croatia in June-July. First time over there! I plan to bring my big camera (Nikon D750); I’m not just ready to leave it behind yet. I would be frustrated if I missed photo opportunities because I had “only” the iPhone.

  • Feeling sad this morning πŸ˜₯ about the consequences of the earthquake in Morroco. I’m trying to get news from our guide to see if he is ok. πŸ™πŸ»

  • I played with Apple’s Maps Places feature, as shown in the following video. It’s nice, but it’s not exactly intuitive. There are many missing features, like setting a path between places and adding photos to a place within the guide, from the for example to name a few. Also, it’s not clear if a shared guide gets updated if new places are added, or places are removed.

  • Two used, two more to go. I accidentally dropped my Apple Pencil on the floor while getting my iPad in a security tray at the airport. Just like for toasts, they always fall on the wrong side. 😩

  • Back home. πŸ˜€ I have so many things to work on. It’s a typical return from vacation mood.

  • There is a lot to say about this new terminal A. Chairs with integrated cup holders, accessible charging ports (USB-A, USB-C, std power outlet), big information display panels with clear directions, easy to ear speakers, etc. I love this place! Remaining problem: too low temperature everywhere we go in the US. They are crazy to set temperature at 70-72F. It is fucking too cold!!! And not environmentally friendly.

  • Just went through the security at Newark Airport’s new terminal A. Boy the scanners are so cool. The personal see our bags in 3D and can swipe the thing on a big screen! Impressive. Very efficient but technology has limits and that might explain why the guy wanted to open my bag for further inspection. πŸ€¨πŸ˜±πŸ•΅πŸ»

  • I want to stay in my holiday bubble and live a life of sun, sea sand and little to no worries. Source: Greg Morris - Back To Work

    I return to work, tomorrow at noon. I can relate to what Greg was feeling.

  • Spending the rest of the day at a hotel near the Newark airport. Hotels like this one are dull x 1000.😞 Our next flight is very early tomorrow morning, leaving no time to go to Manhattan for dinner, sadly.πŸ˜’ UberEat for lunch tonight, Indian food, which we love a lot! 😊 Should be arriving home in the middle of Monday morning. A quick shower and hop go to work!

  • Each passage in an airport is a reminder how bad signs design and positioning can be. Is there any airport designer on earth?

  • Each passage in an airport is a reminder of how useful Flighty can be.

  • It is with sadness that I’m spending the last few hours of my full day in Tenerife. It was a great nine days trip to a country that I knew nothing about. Over the course of my stay, I managed to complete the full circle of the island. The south shore is much warmer and more humid than the north shore. Tenerife is a Spain territory and it’s a good thing! I love Spain food so much!

  • Surprisingly useful during travel. This is Series 8 with watchOS 10 beta 4.

  • If all goes well today, I should be able to make it to a site with many abandoned buildings. this could be a great photo opportunity. This would be the first site outside Canada where I practice urban exploration (aka “urbex”). Feeling excited. πŸ˜€

  • Thought of the day: Tenerife beauties and greatness make me feel humbled as a living species.