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  • For lovers and enthusiasts, I made a video summarizing February improvements and additions. Enjoy.

  • The Craft team is introducing collaborative whiteboards to Craft. I tested the feature and made a video about it.

  • Thought of the day: is probably the most fun and flexible thing on the open web these days that I can play with. It is approachable which in itself is a great quality. It is a creativity β€œunleasher”. When something is fun, I want more of it. I want to spread the word and share my excitement. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  • A new post category in, filtered to include existing posts

    Great explanation for using categories with

  • I officially enabled Shoutouts on this blog! It is quite easy and fun to setup1. Happy to show support for @vincent.

    1. Easy to spot at the end of each individual post. ↩︎

  • I’ve been granted a Microsoft Copilot license at work for testing purposes. I have a love and hate relationship with Microsoft software in general. This will probably extend to cover Copilot as well. I shall not be deceived by this video. I will see.

  • Apparently, in Ghost, you cannot filter past published posts other than by “Newest First”, “Oldest First” or “Recently Updated”. What if I want to list of articles from 2019? πŸ€”

    Update #1: Apparently, you need to go through Ghost Content APIs for this.

  • Since we cannot use an iCloud+ email alias for sending mail in HEY Mail, I depend on free Spark mail client for that, the last version that came out before switching to a subscription. Not a bad solution but annoying nonetheless.

  • While I’m still waiting my invite for Scribbles (tick tock tick tock @vincent 😬), I’m thinking of a possible use case. And I think I might be on the verge of finding one. My digital presence goes like this: Space ➑️ Blog ➑️ (…something small, tiny blips…) Blips. More to come soon.

  • I have too many ways to create link posts on a bookmarklet, Apple’s Shortcuts, using Ulysses, etc. I wish I could standardize on one approach working on all my Apple devices1. 🫀

    1. Maybe it should be part of the recently introduced Save Bookmark browser plugin? ↩︎

  • I discovered the “Copy URL as Quote” in Arc Browser, this morning. I love this feature. I get a nice preview in iMessage when sending the link, but what about here in or on Mastodon? Here is an example.

    Update #1: it does partially render on Mastodon using the Ivory client. But the content seems missing.

    Update #2: The cross-posted post from lacks the preview, but the native post as exposes it, does contain the full previous.

  • With today’s addition regarding Bookmarks and AI-based summaries, is getting very close to be a read-later service, too. Which I like a lot. Synching highlights to Readwise would be cool too. Hint hint @manton πŸ™πŸ»

  • Our @nileane reviews feeeed, a very nicely designed alternative to classic RSS readers. Instead of just following RSS feeds, this app supports RSS *and* a variety of sources like Mastodon, YouTube, Reddit, newsletters, and more.

    We're going to see a lot of apps along these lines thanks to decentralized social media. This one looks very intriguing to me:

    Similar to the Tapestry project? Seems really well done.

  • About This Permanent State of Being Undecided With Apps

    I have been a happy user of Apple Safari for the last decade. If possible, I prefer using Apple’s browser, thanks to its privacy protection and features. If something doesn’t work in Safari, I will try Firefox. I’ll do everything possible to skip Google Chrome. I use Microsoft Edge because of its … read more

  • Craft release v2.7.0 is a big one. There are lots of improvements that should please a majority of users. I played with it while in beta and created a video to give users a visual look at what’s new. The Craft Bible also was updated to include the release analysis, now part of the subscription.

  • I learned a lot of things over my long career in IT. But, there is one thing that I fail to learn and master is everything related to CSS1. I don’t get this, at all. If I could master this thing, plus some of Hugo2 concepts, I would create my own visual theme. πŸ˜”

    1. I learn so many languages and dialects: Pascal, Cobol, C, Assembler, Fortran, Lisp, Objective-C, etc. What is wrong with me and CSS? ↩︎

    2. I do get Hugo more than CSS, strangely. ↩︎

  • Let me guess again the upcoming “big” new feature for a fully-featured Read Later feature. It could complement Bookmarks wonderfully1. πŸ‘€ That’s the only feature that I can think of that would require a separate app and a browser extension.

    1. If not replace it altogether. ↩︎

  • The lack of proper footnotes support in the Ghost editor is… how dare I could say that… perplexing? This solution is a bit… overwhelming for me. Oh well.

  • If you’re a Craft user and are looking for ways that Gen AI could add value to the Craft Assistant, I wrote this document. I think there is an untapped potential in Craft because of minimalistic support for the ChatGPT entry-level model. Feedback is welcome.

  • The Next One Is My Best

    I just completed recording my next YouTube video (my YouTube channel), which will come out early next week. It’s probably the one I’m the most proud of at many levels. The release will match the release of a new version of an app that I like a lot 🀫. Technically, the sound is good. … read more