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  • Reddit can be a toxic environment, with bullies and users who aggressively enforce their views on what is appropriate content for a specific subreddit. Today is a bad day for me. 😞 How should I react to this?

  • The narrated blog posts are now working correctly on my blog. You can listen to the first post and second one. Disclaimer: I’m using Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech for the post recording audio improvements.

  • For the first time since joining Mastodon, I wanted to get an idea of what was happening with ChatGPT1. I conducted a search using the #chaptgpt tag to see the live updates. This was something I used to do frequently when I was on Twitter while big events were happening.

    1. ChatGPT suffered major downtime in recent hours if not days. ↩︎

  • Windows 11 AI Recall Recalled?

    The upcoming Windows 11 AI ‘Recall’ feature, which is designed to take regular screenshots of a user’s PC content to help them find past information, has been called a security disaster by a security researcher. According to the expert, Kevin Beaumont, the Recall feature is … read more

  • The new narrated posts feature of has an unexpected twist. Since my blog also hosts a podcast, any narrated blog posts will end up on Apple’s Podcast directory. I’m unsure if this is what I want, but I appreciate the possibility for those who prefer to consume my content as an audio file.

  • I’ve been relying on Raycast AI more and more in recent days to help me summarize the articles I read through my RSS feeds in Inoreader. I’ve also found it useful for improving the quality of my own writing. I’m quite tempted to upgrade my Raycast AI subscription so that I can fully leverage its capabilities, despite the fact that I’m already subscribing to ChatGPT. However, the cost of the upgrade is something I need to weigh carefully before making a decision.

    Side note: why do I keep thinking that Apple will introduce Siri+ this summer?

  • HEY World is probably “mostly” dead. Each week, I hit the dice to visit a random HEY World site and 9 out of 10 sites were last updated in 2021, around the time HEY World was launched.

  • First Narrated Blog Post Experiment

    Hi everyone. I might be late to the party, but I finally sat down for a few minutes to test’s new feature: narrated blog posts. It is strange because this is my first use and I cannot write a full review because as I’m writing this, my audio recording is still not done, and I … read more

  • Today I decided to cancel my subscription to Toggl time tracking service and to Timery, a wonderful Toggl client. I used to track my time as a creator but I think it’s time to move on and leave those behind. You can see my reports in each weekly creative summary. It’s quite a chore to always think to start and stop timers. I feel relieved now.

  • This Microsoft Word bug is really starting to get on my nerves. It’s been going on for weeks now.

  • With Omnivore, these are the tags that cover 99% of my tagging needs.

  • Just downloaded three YouTube videos on my Mac, ran MacWhisper1 to generate the transcripts, then uploaded the resulting files into ChatGPT for a summarization and to get a few answers to my numerous questions. I saved about an hour of work. What a wonderful time to be alive!2

    1. A great Mac utility to do video transcription using GenAI. ↩︎

    2. From a tech standpoint. ↩︎

  • I wonder if a good way to learn about Final Cut Pro is to start with the iPad version. I’ve started testing it with the sample project. Surprisingly, the iPad had trouble handling my UI interactions. This is a M4 iPd Pro, mind you. 😣😳 Also, FCP for iPad reminds me a lot about iMovie. And I’m not sure this is a good thing.

  • There is one thing that I really want to try and master with the new iPad that I couldn’t do before: explore and learn Final Cut Pro for iPad. It seems a more approachable version than on the desktop. Am I wrong?

  • Mind Blown Again

    I really liked the OpenAI short keynote, especially the few jabs at Google. What OpenAI is doing is simply mind-blowing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this. What isn’t clear, though, is as a paying member of ChatGPT, why would I continue to subscribe if I don’t use … read more

  • If OpenAI upcoming announcement is about launching a search engine, I’ll take it in a heart beat. Anything that is challenging Google’s dominance is a win for all, even for Google.

  • Information Architect1 is working on something that could prove to be super useful for me: shareable presentations using iA Presenter. It’s currently in testing. Judging by their blog post, it looks slick. I could build online presentations that go with The Craft Bible or The Craft Starter Kit that I’m working on. Can’t wait to try it out.

    1. The maker of iA Writer, iA Presenter. ↩︎

  • Three years later and it’s funny to remember where I came from and why I’ve migrated to Ghost for everything1, not only my newsletter.

    1. Not exactly, everything, but for my main website where I share my newsletter and some other long-form posts. ↩︎

  • For some reason, tonight, I miss Medium. I used to love writing for it and reading from it. I still have close to 800 followers, albeit the number really never change, which I find strange.

  • Calling for suggestions: I’d like to back up my iCloud Photos Library content locally on my Synology NAS, but I don’t want to use the built-in “Download Originals to this Mac” of Apple Photos. Any utility that does that? Thanks!