• Apple's AI Push at WWDC 2024

    “Apple will put a major emphasis on AI at its upcoming WWDC, as the company aims to catch up to competitors in this rapidly evolving space. While Apple’s approach has been more measured, the pressure is on to provide a clear growth narrative, which its AI initiatives may struggle to … read more

  • In case you didn’t know me, I’m on this week’s People & Blog edition. It was fun to answer Manuel Moreale’s questions.

  • Here's Why I Hate Template In Office Work

    Using templates in office work can sometimes be counterproductive, leading to less original thinking, reduced engagement, and fewer creative problem-solving opportunities. Templates can make it easy to fall into a routine of just filling in blanks, resulting in more generic outputs and a checkbox … read more

  • The narrated blog posts are now working correctly on my blog. You can listen to the first post and second one. Disclaimer: I’m using Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech for the post recording audio improvements.

  • The M4 iPad Pro Regression Nobody is Talking About

    The new M4 iPad Pro, with its repositioned FaceID camera, feels like a step backward compared to the 2018 iPad Pro. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I frequently receive prompts to enter my PIN due to failed FaceID attempts. Swiping up to unlock the device momentarily covers the camera and … read more

  • This is an Audiocast β€” A Narrated Blog Post

    This is my second narrated blog post on Micro.blog. It seems to me that writing for sharing as a text-only post triggers different strings for me than writing for a narrated text post. It feels strange because this isn’t a podcast episode. There is no introduction, no conclusion. No background music … read more

  • For the first time since joining Mastodon, I wanted to get an idea of what was happening with ChatGPT1. I conducted a search using the #chaptgpt tag to see the live updates. This was something I used to do frequently when I was on Twitter while big events were happening.

    1. ChatGPT suffered major downtime in recent hours if not days. ↩︎

  • I just created a quick poll on my Ko-fi page! I want to know, “how did you discover me?” Please, fill it in, the post is public! Thanks.

  • Dear Apple, No New Hardware Please

    Mac computers are fast and have impressive battery life. Mac Studio with the M4 Ultra ship can wait. The iPad is fast too, potentially surpassing the performance of many Mac computers. It is thin also. Really thin. We get it. The iPhone is fast, light, thin and features excellent camera … read more

  • Windows 11 AI Recall Recalled?

    The upcoming Windows 11 AI ‘Recall’ feature, which is designed to take regular screenshots of a user’s PC content to help them find past information, has been called a security disaster by a security researcher. According to the expert, Kevin Beaumont, the Recall feature is … read more

  • The new narrated posts feature of Micro.blog has an unexpected twist. Since my blog also hosts a podcast, any narrated blog posts will end up on Apple’s Podcast directory. I’m unsure if this is what I want, but I appreciate the possibility for those who prefer to consume my content as an audio file.

  • I’ve been relying on Raycast AI more and more in recent days to help me summarize the articles I read through my RSS feeds in Inoreader. I’ve also found it useful for improving the quality of my own writing. I’m quite tempted to upgrade my Raycast AI subscription so that I can fully leverage its capabilities, despite the fact that I’m already subscribing to ChatGPT. However, the cost of the upgrade is something I need to weigh carefully before making a decision.

    Side note: why do I keep thinking that Apple will introduce Siri+ this summer?

  • Apple may be overhauling Spotlight in macOS 15, and potentially on other operating systems as well. This suggests the company is focusing on enhancing the user experience when interacting with AI-generated responses to user requests. I’m really curious as to how it will come out.

  • When I launched my weekly creative summary newsletter, I wanted its structure and format to remain consistent for a long time. However, after 17 editions, I’ve decided to refine the newsletter’s structure. I’m never fully satisfied with my tools, workflows, and past decisions about how to do things.

  • HEY World is probably “mostly” dead. Each week, I hit the dice to visit a random HEY World site and 9 out of 10 sites were last updated in 2021, around the time HEY World was launched.

  • I really have to finish my weekly newsletter edition… but I just came back from a 60KM bike ride! πŸ˜… Now, back at it! Coming out soon.

  • First Narrated Blog Post Experiment

    Hi everyone. I might be late to the party, but I finally sat down for a few minutes to test Micro.blog’s new feature: narrated blog posts. It is strange because this is my first use and I cannot write a full review because as I’m writing this, my audio recording is still not done, and I … read more

  • I’m getting really tired of the West being afraid of conflict escalation and of Russia. The more we wait to really get our act together, the worse it will get.

  • Lock him up NOW. Lock him up NOW. Lock him up NOW. Lock him up NOW. 🀑 #trump

  • I still have my Medium account and content. I’m not sure what to do with it. I still get trafic to my posts. I updated my profile page this morning to remove a reference to my Linktr.ee page that I’m phasing out later this year.