I have a dear friend living in Denver, Co. He has a PhD in human comm. He is brilliant. But, he doesn’t understand all the fuss about COVID-19. For him, shutting down everything is over reacting. I tried to explain the curve, the pressure on health care system, etc. He thinks the flu is worst and yet we don’t shut down the country. I said yes and no.

We shouldn’t trust current numbers in the US because they are way undervaluated. There is no reason to think the US population will be affected differently than other population in other countries without containment. They will. And it will be much worst becaue there is a lack of major containment as of this writing. The US is a the beginning of the curve. The exponential curve. This will be ugly. Remember: a single day of “wait-and-see” does make a big dfference and we have the numbers and the experience of other countries to prove it.