Photo by Bram Nau - Unsplash

Bye bye dear TouchBar. Hello MagSafe power connector. Hereโ€™s some more ports. Rumours are pointing toward the same thing. Apple will revert many of its controversial decision of the last five years. Many will be pleased. Function is winning over form. I think Apple is following the trend they started with the 2019 Mac Pro which essentially erasing five years of non sense with the 2013 Mac Pro. Apple is fully back to the Mac. And down on earth, with all of us.

Clearly, actual creatives and professionals disagree with Appleโ€™s soul-searching because if all of these rumors come to fruition, Apple will be returning to what was already considered the MacBook Proโ€™s zenith. Coupled with Apple Silicon and Apple could experience Mac growth that it ceded to PC laptops during these past years of stumbling. โ€” Raymond Wong for Input magazine

Something we wonโ€™t get, though: a touch screen. We canโ€™t have it all, right?