Greg Morris recently on his blog about trying hard as a blogger to make something out of all this:

β€œI asked, I’m giving, and I am still blogging β€” now more than ever.”

Strangely, pure coincidence I guess, I wrote this last week-end β€œThe journey is the Reward” in which I said:

β€œIt doesn’t really matter if nobody comes and reads my stuff here or there. What matters is the process and the thinking that took place behind my writing. It’s all the small moments where I had to pause, think, read, learn and write. It’s about feeling creative. Alive. The rest is just another tiny drop in the numeric ocean. A few will taste it, and most won’t. That’s the life of a blogger and a writer in a sea of abundance. So, I’ll keep doing it, no matter what.”

The journey is really the reward for me.