Well, after a promising start, following reviews of the Apple Studio display, it seems that I’ll put my buying decision on hold. As I wrote, one of the reasons why I’m considering this display is the integrated camera and speakers for a better video conference experience. It appears image quality is not good at all, judging by the examples posted online. It’s close to being a deal breaker.

Apparently, the Apple Studio display is running a version of iOS 15.4. Yep, sounds overkill, and yet, it’s the case, according to Gruber. Apple is promising a software update to fix the problem and bring image quality on par with the iPad Pro equipped with the same camera and essentially using th same software to enable Center Stage.

Here’s something: when we look at preview integrated cameras in MacBook Pro or the iMac and find the image quality to be bad, we try to excuse Apple of fitting a camera in a too-thin enclosure. But we know it’s not enough to explain the issue of image quality. Software is the problem. Look no further than the iPhone for an example.

As soon as:

  1. I can go to an Apple Store to see the Apple Studio display for myself;
  2. Normal people are publishing their reviews and comment on their experience with the display;
  3. Apple fixes the camera image quality with an update to the display operating system;

Then, I’ll make a final decision. Now, I can’t wait to see in action the software upgrade process on this thing.