I recently wrote an article about where the iPad should go from here. On the subject of iPadOS, looking at this article on Behance from Parker Ortolani, here are the few interesting ideas that caught my attention:

  • The updated Dock with the ability to move an application window to an external display.
  • Still on the Dock, the frequently used applications replaced with standard folders (like downloaded items).
  • Stacks in the Dock, just like on macOS.
  • Home Screen icon placements can include things like Shortcuts, or files.
  • Studio Mode for external display full support. My number one request.
  • Addition of Preview from macOS would be super useful for more pro-like workflows. Same with the addition of Dictionary. It would be super useful for content creators like me.

WWDC 2022 is around the corner, starting another round of updates for iPadOs over the coming year.