Whenever I want to go to Twitter, I should remember that Twitter is mostly a big dump of content originating from other places. So, why not consume content at the source instead? In my journey to a Twitter-free world, I’ll need to rebuild my habits of visiting the following places:

* Techmeme: for consuming news;

* RSS Reader: for consuming news and articles;

* Telegram: for consuming news;

* Mailbrew: for consuming content;

* Hackernews: for discovering content;

* Reddit: for consuming content, exploring and discovering new content;

A special mention about Mailbrew is required here: a portion of the content generated in my private newsletters comes from Twitter. I’ll need to revisit this sooner than later. Thankfully, Mailbrew supports RSS feeds as a content source. But then, maybe using my RSS reader will render Mailbrew mostly useless?