As per my current analysis and preparation for leaving Twitter, here’s what I’m going to lose.

  • Access to product announcements, most of which I track because they are part of my workflows (Examples: Glass, Unsplash, Substack, Opal, Readwise, and 90 more). This could be hard to replace, not all websites support RSS feeds.
  • Access to some public services status messages like special events or some type of alerts.
  • Two of my Brews on Mailbrew that are entirely based on Twitter content will need to be deleted.
  • Interaction with people following me who won’t leave Twitter to go elsewhere. I rarely get replies, though. Not a big loss.
  • According to [my Plausible page](, 50% of visitors coming from non-direct sources are coming from Twitter. One way to mitigate this is by enabling RSS feeds and letting people no in advance other ways to get in touch.
  • Quite a few of my published articles or blog posts refer to my tweets as links or embed. They won’t show up anymore when I turnoff public access to my tweets. That's not cool.
But, I'll gain other things too. That's for another post.