Thanks to all who replied to my question regarding Mastodon. What a great community over here! Never had this in fifteen years on Twitter. 😊

Here are a few takeaways (many may be obvious, duh!).Β 

  1. Just like for emails, one cannot "reserve" a username in the Mastodon-friendly world. Makes sense.
  2. Registering with a specific instance (or server) is mandatory just like opening an account with an email provider.Β 
  3. Using a custom domain that I own is something I should consider doing.Β 
  4. I should probably go ahead with my custom domain name for before doing anything related to Mastodon.Β 
  5. Setting my websites (I do have a few) to display my Mastodon username or profile is a good idea too.Β 
  6. Setting my Mastodon profile to display my website is another good practice.
  7. Finding an instance I can relate to is probably the most daunting task if my research is any indication. I didn’t find any so far.Β 
  8. I still don’t understand how a compatible Mastodon name is helping in any of this.Β 
  9. Having a registered account on a Mastodon won’t do much for me. I already get everything I want on People can follow me from their Mastodon instance, and I can, too, fromΒ 
  10. Thinking about all this on Christmas day shows that I don’t have a life! LOL

Anyway, happy holidays to you all! πŸ‘‹