From the Numeric Citizen Blog

to the Numeric Citizen Space.

The former was my WordPress site, now on Ghost and merged with what used to be the Numeric Citizen Introspection, the home for my Friday Notes Series newsletter. It took me a while, but here I am. I’m so relieved from not having to use WordPress anymore. I have learned quite a bit about WordPress since 2015, but my desire to simplify my digital life was pressing me to make some changes.

From now on, in Ulysses, I got two places to push my articles, here or Ghost. That’s it.

Both are under the same domain name, which is something that I wanted for a while. Now, I hope to spend more time writing than moving things around. I will publish my migration process in the upcoming days on my Numeric Citizen I/O, my metablog.

From a design perspective, I’m using Ghost’s Casper default theme, which is relatively close to what I was using on WordPress. I’m ok with this for the moment. I may hunt for alternatives in the future, but for now, that will be it.

Now, returning to normal programming.