Image by Dall-E

I’m late in my readings. I’m not sure what to think of this weird take about the iPad and Mac future from Jason Snell.

The key to the Mac’s survival isn’t a new Air–it’s the next iPad Pro

Would it be such a cataclysm if I could simply reboot that iPad into macOS or run macOS inside a virtual machine?

Yes, it would be. What a weird idea. I’m nearly baffled by this article. How many of these ideas and requests are age-dependent? How does the younger generation view those perceived limitations of the iPad or the Mac?

For us who have experienced both computing paradigms, it is tempting to ask for one paradigm to borrow some of the other paradigm traits. Does it make them better? I’m resigned and unexcited to the prospect of getting the touch screen trait on the Mac, but having to reboot an iPad to get the Mac experience is ludicrous, IMO.