It’s Apple keynote day, and it is exciting but also stressful! Here are last-minute questions.

  • Will the headset pricing be announced today?
  • Will the headset be like the Apple Watch and be running apps, or will it be more like CarPlay, with some additional viewport from the iPhone? Or a combination?
  • Is the headset unveiled with a “one more thing” segment?
  • When the iPad was announced, Steve Jobs spent some time explaining its relative position within the use cases spectrum of our computing devices. Where does the headset fit?
  • Will the headset announcement overshadow Apple’s timid foray into generative AI?
  • Is Xcode finally coming to the iPad?
  • Can we infer something about the rumors setting the price 1999$ when we compare that to the AirPods Max price?
  • Tim Cook’s air time has decreased in recent events, is the trend continuing today?
  • Can we expect another meme moment from Craig Federighi?
  • Who’s going to present the headset? Jeff Williams, just like for the Apple Watch Ultra?
  • Can any of the announcements today affect my Apple hardware upgrade plan?

For someone who’s not interested in the headset, I have far too many questions about it. I’ll return to this post once the event is complete to fill in the answers!