I finally found the right setup to definitively fix my audio record quality. The problem triggering this endless trial-and-error journey is that the Blue Yeti microphone can be too sensitive and pick up too much background noise1. On paper, the macOS Voice Isolation recording should fix this. However, ScreenFlow 10.0.9 has issues with audio recording from a USB microphone while Voice Isolation is active2.

The solution? Use Audio Highjack3 to record from the USB microphone with Voice Isolation active and output to the ScreenFlow audio capture driver. When recording, I start the Audio Hijack session, then switch to ScreenFlow and hit record. Voilà. I do use Adobe Podcast Audio Enhancer too. The results are quite good! You can hear it in my latest podcast episode. A screenshot of my Audio Hijack workflow is included so you can look at it4.

  1. People in the house don’t always pay attention when I’m recording my stuff. We could hear them quite easily. ↩︎

  2. The sound is highly distorted. It’s a known issue, apparently. ↩︎

  3. Audio Hijack is a superb piece of software if you ask me. ↩︎

  4. More tiles are included so I can make sure there are no lingering background noises after Voice Isolation makes its magic. ↩︎