My 2018 12.9 iPad Pro is old. In technology years, it’s super old. However, it’s my favourite iPad and despite many new versions that Apple has since released, I have not been tempted to replace it. My only issue with this particular iPad is unsurprisingly its battery life. Makes perfect sense. I have used this iPad every day literally for years. In recent months, I could tell it’s not lasting as long. It’s dying within 2 to 3 hours of moderate use. Source: Apple denied my iPad Pro battery replacement

My wife’s 2018 iPad Pro battery is around 84%. She booked a diagnostic session with an Apple Store technician a few months ago. Same thing: Apple didn’t accept to replace the battery unless it was under 80%. Some cynic people could say that Apple wants customers to be frustrated enough with battery life so they upgrade the whole iPad instead of replacing the battery. Personally, this could be an environmental stance, but the fact that it isn’t presented this way opens the door for all sorts of theories.