Mac computers are fast and have impressive battery life. Mac Studio with the M4 Ultra ship can wait. The iPad is fast too, potentially surpassing the performance of many Mac computers. It is thin also. Really thin. We get it. The iPhone is fast, light, thin and features excellent camera capabilities. Enough of incremental updates. That is why I do not want new Apple hardware at the upcoming WWDC conference, even if it was a home router, a la AirPort.

Instead, I think Apple’s software in general requires attention and improvement.

For instance, the iPadOS user interface could benefit from refinements to enhance the overall user experience. Similarly, the macOS notifications center and the iPhone Control Center may need rethinking to improve their functionality and usability. Additionally, the macOS Settings app could undergo further enhancements to provide users with a more streamlined and intuitive interface. These are examples of user-facing interfaces that could benefit from further enhancements to better meet the needs and expectations of Apple’s customers. Oh, and Siri needs even more works to become the real intelligent assistant we are all waiting for. That’s the story I wish for WWDC this year.

No new hardware, please. Thanks you.