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  • Still not clear if it will only rain or if we will get heavy and abundant snow. Weather forecast is predicting only rain. I’m ok with this. This winter has been so warm so far, that’s incredible. We will probably be in a drought this summer because of the lack of snow this winter. And you know what it means? Forest fires.

  • Wow, there is a thunderstorm ⛈ī¸ right now in Montreal! Just like what would get during summer! +11C, winds. Thanks to this cold front moving in. Thanks to climate change. Tomorrow -13C. đŸ˜ŗđŸĢŖ⛈ī¸

  • Another big snowstorm is coming over to the Montreal area. This one could produce more snow than the previous one, which gave us more rain than snow. Expect 15 - 20 cm of snow and some gusty winds. the worst will be Saturday morning, right when I’ll record my next YouTube video. For as far as I can recall, I always loved snowstorms. Image source.

  • A big one is coming toward us. In Montreal, it will be a mixture of snow and rain, limiting the total accumulation thanks to a strong influx of hot air from the southeast. Up north of St-Lawrence River, this could be totally different with more than 40 CM of snow! And winds! Can’t wait for our first “northeaster” of the season! Stay tuned for more comments about this meteorological event!

  • In Montreal city, two days before Christmas, there is no snow. No precipitation is expected either until maybe Dec 27th at the earliest. This is so different from what I experienced as a kid.

  • This is how much forests burned so far this summer in Canada. ☚ī¸ There are still close to a thousand fires still in action. This is freaking bad for so many reasons. First, we need forests to remove CO2. In a sense, removing trees diminishes the capacity of nature to limit climate change. We lose this capability. Second, all that burning created a lot of CO2. Third, it will take half a century to regain those lost forests.😔 It’s really hard to feel positive about our future.

  • Powerful hurricane Hilary headed toward the US southwest. Always impressive to see this from space. Less interesting is getting hit by it if you’re in this region.