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  • Here’s an idea: get a generative AI bot to browse all my photo posts on my Pixelfed profile page and generate a lengthy description of my photography style.

  • Now that my Pixelfed presence is well established with more than 650 photos posted, I officially closed my Smugmug account. My photo-sharing journey can now be summarized like this: Flickr ➑️ 500px ➑️ Smugmug ➑️ Glass + Pixelfed. And, of course, I still do use Unsplash. My profile pages are documented on my digital hub.

  • Colourful or black and white? Your call. I just don’t know if I should all in black and white with this one.

  • On Craft for iPhone

    Craft on iPhone is so much different than on the iPad. It feels like a totally different app. If I were an iPhone-only user I wouldn’t buy a Craft subscription because the iPhone version is so bad. Thankfully the iPad version is much more workable and the Mac version is probably the best … read more

  • Never Tamper Someone's Desire for Creative Tools

    My wife gave me a surprisingly mildly negative reaction this morning when I shared with her my intention of getting a Nikon Zf mirrorless camera before going to Croatia this summer. Not because it’s not the best camera for this situation, no, because I already own an iPhone 15 Pro Max and a … read more

  • When I don’t know what to write, I edit and share photos. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ‘€

  • Still not clear if it will only rain or if we will get heavy and abundant snow. Weather forecast is predicting only rain. I’m ok with this. This winter has been so warm so far, that’s incredible. We will probably be in a drought this summer because of the lack of snow this winter. And you know what it means? Forest fires.

  • Photo-editing on the iPad using Photomator is such a joy. I can’t wait to go with the upcoming iPad Pro. The iPad is the perfect devide for photo-editing with the Apple Pencil. With the switch to the OLED technology, it will be even better.

  • Before. After. πŸ“·

  • Experiment with Photomator on iPad. Thoughts?

  • πŸ₯Ί Oh crap!

    I don't support, because of [this](
  • It’s the perfect coffee shop kit for me. At first, I didn’t think of going out today, but I realized that I spend all weekdays at home for work. I guess it was time to see the world and enjoy a creative session at the coffee shop while listening to music. Slow vibes1.

    1. the photo wasn’t post-processed beyond what the iPhone usually does. ↩︎

  • πŸ‘€πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • While I’m still waiting my invite for Scribbles (tick tock tick tock @vincent 😬), I’m thinking of a possible use case. And I think I might be on the verge of finding one. My digital presence goes like this: Space ➑️ Blog ➑️ (…something small, tiny blips…) Blips. More to come soon.

  • A satisfying exercise for me is to open Glass on my iPad and start to glance at photos and members. Each time, my goal is to subscribe to three members with photos that I like. Today, unexpectedly, I stumbled on the announcement of the upcoming Series feature. I can’t waitt for that one. Pixelfed isn’t really good at this, posting a bunch of related photos in one post.

  • Our @nileane reviews feeeed, a very nicely designed alternative to classic RSS readers. Instead of just following RSS feeds, this app supports RSS *and* a variety of sources like Mastodon, YouTube, Reddit, newsletters, and more.

    We're going to see a lot of apps along these lines thanks to decentralized social media. This one looks very intriguing to me:

    Similar to the Tapestry project? Seems really well done.

  • Is the Apple Vision Pro good for photo editing? I would love to see Photomator for the Vision Pro1. I wonder about colors fidelity and usability.

    1. Is it ever coming to the headset? ↩︎

  • I’m unsure if I ever posted this image of me circa 1986 with my fat Mac1. The image was created with a MacVision Koala digitizer connected to the Mac serial port and a close-circuit black & white video camera. It was impressive at that time.

    1. A Mac with 512K of RAM. That one was an original Macintosh 128K that was upgraded with an updated logic board kit from Apple. ↩︎

  • Each week, on Sundays, I select a bunch of my photos that I plan to share on my Pixelfed profile during the week. Next Sunday, early in the morning, I look for the one that received the most likes, shares and comments and use it as the header image of my weekly creative summary newsletter. This process is like a disguised poll. πŸ™‚ It is a way to share only the best of my work with my dear readers.

  • Hello Madonna! I don’t go often to see shows like this one. Can’t wait! #montreal