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  • Travel update #7: Vodice’s Beaches, Croatia

    We didn’t do much today: taking our time early in the morning when preparing and having breakfast and then spending time on the beach and relaxing. I did some writing too, from my iPhone while sitting on my sunbathing chair. It’s far from being ideal for writing longer posts but it is what it is. I … read more

  • Location check in 🗺 — Enjoying the beach. 🤗

  • Travel update #6: Zadar + Vodice, Croatia

    Today we left for Zadar and Vodice where we will stay for five days in a small apartment. We arrived at noon in Zadar and had a nice picnic in a small park, under the shade of big trees. It was a quiet place and we wondered about how few tourists seem to be present since we arrived in Croatia. It … read more

  • Location check in 🗺 — Five-day stop right here. Can wait to walk around and discover.

  • Location check in 🗺 — What a great city! Zadar, Croatia!

  • Travel update #5: Rastoke, Croatia

    Earlier this morning, the weather was better than yesterday, so we decided to revisit Plitvicka Jezera National Park. The improved lighting allowed us to better appreciate the lake’s renowned blue and green hues, and there were fewer tourists. However, we didn’t stay as long as our previous visit … read more

  • Travel update #4: Plitvicka Jezera Nation Park, Croatia

    We left Zagreb today to go visit the Plitvicka Jezera national park. it was a two hour drive from Zagreb. After a nice and smooth ride we arrived at around 11:15 AM in the park ready to tackle the 4-6 hour circuit. Boy this place is wonderful! It took us about four hours. We had a rain shower or two … read more

  • Travel update #3: Zagreb, Croatia

    We went for another walking session in Zagreb after the rain finally went on pause in the second half of the afternoon. We visited another portion of the city before ending up near the restaurant where we planned to have dinner, a Sri Lanka restaurant called “Curry Bowl” which again was rated five … read more

  • Travel update #2: Zagreb, Croatia

    I’m currently writing this from our room as there are some heavy showers outside. We had a chance to walk a lot since morning in Zagreb and had a great lunch at the restaurant called “Heritage” which is close to our B&B. It’s a very small place where only maybe ten people can have lunch at the … read more

  • Travel update #1: Zagreb, Croatia

    First full day in Croatia. It is the morning here in Zagreb. Yesterday, we arrived and spent the first few hours wandering in the city center where all the night life is happening. It was the time to spot the places that we were to revisit later (today). We were tired following our two flights by … read more

  • I decided to use Day One for my travel journaling instead of Apple’s Journal. Reason being very simple: Day One is available on all my devices. Most of my text probably won’t be shared, but if I decide to publish someone, I’ll use the Day One export feature.

    Update: sadly, images aren’t exported while exporting in Markdown format. Not surprising, but it’s a nearly a dealbreaker.

  • Flights outlook for the day. I love Flighty.

  • Last minutes adjustments before traveling: revisited the “on vacation” focus mode on my iPhone to make sure to receive notifications from certains apps1, updated the home screen and lock screen wallpapers to be more in line with traveling mode. I also bought and installed my eSIM from Airalo2. Decided not to renew Halide subscription but will I’ll try to use it anyway over Apple’s camera app3.

    1. I’m excluding all work-related apps, of couse. ↩︎

    2. They offer a great buying experience and usually flawless when I travel abroad. ↩︎

    3. Photomator can easily open and edit images from Halide camera. ↩︎

  • Fun fact about me: I rarely visit websites and search for photos of my travel destinations before leaving my country. I prefer the full surprise. Zagreb, wait for me!

  • Anyone using a VPN client when they travel abroad? Why? Which one? I considering using this when I’ll be in Croatia and it must be compatible with iOS and iPadOS. Thanks.

  • Pondering

    In a week, I’ll be preparing to fly to Croatia for a three-week vacation with my wife. I’m still considering several aspects of the trip. How much blogging should I do during this time? Should I stay quiet and focus entirely on my vacation and photography? What camera equipment should I … read more

  • I rarely do and share selfies! But here’s one. Walking on the “Promenade des anglais” in Nice, France.

  • Feeling Undecided — Thinking Out Loud

    Believe it or not, I’m still undecided about what to use for my summer travel journal. My options are 1) A new dedicated blog with, 2) Scribbles, 3) Pixelfed, 4) None of the above. I’m also undecided about how much effort I want to put into this.’s image … read more

  • Gearing up for our next trip to the United States of America[^1] on October, 2024: going to New York for a long weekend. Right before the elections. And you know what? It will take a long time before I back in the US if this dangerous clown ever gets elected[^2].

    [^1] I prefer the long version. [^2] That will happen my friends. Mark my words.

  • What would be the best or the most suitable visual theme for a travel journal type of blog? Outpost? I find it drab. Maybe Typewriter? Currently testing the latter on